Hot Tubs/Spa

We carry a good selection of filters in house, and have access to many more filters.


We carry a large selection of hot tub chemicals to keep your water levels good all year. Below is a list of all the chemicals we stock.

spa chems

- Alkalinity Increaser
- pH Balance
- Calcium Booster
- Spa Down
- Liquid Spa Down
- Spa Up
- Liquid Spa Up
- Spa 56
- Renew
- Renew Tabs
- Reserve
- Brom Tabs
- Sanitizer
- Boost
- Cleanse
- Enzyme
- Bright and Clear
- Foam Down
- Metal Gon
- Defender
- Instant Cartridge Clean
- Fast Gloss
- Jet Clean
- Filter Clean
- Leak Seal

We Offer free water testing for hot tubs and pools.